mother’s day for the waiting

It’s almost Mother’s Day. A day I used to dread and try to get through with a straight face just waiting for it to be over. I don’t think back on those days very often anymore, they are a huge part of who I am today but in the busyness of life I don’t often stop to remember the details of my feelings during those years. 

This week as Mother’s Day drew nearer my thoughts weren’t on possible presents or even on how great my mom is (although I do think about that pretty often, there are some really great moms and  grandmas in my life) actually. My mind was and is most on women walking through what I went through. Mother’s Day for the childless; for the women who have been through devastating loss. Mother’s Day for the woman struggling with infertility and wishing she was a mom, or the woman who didn’t expect to be single still. Mother’s Day for the woman who tries to be happy for her friends but wants to cry every time someone announces their pregnancy on facebook. 

I walked in shoes like yours for 4 years, I know that is short compared to some of your journeys. I have felt what you feel right now and have watched dear friends walk through it too. Today as the world blesses moms I want to also bless you. I want to bless you with hope for the future. I pray that God will fill you with joy today (and everyday) and that He will be your portion until He fulfills the desires of your heart. I pray he will give you peace and make his way clear to you.