a beginning

I can hardly believe it has been as long as it has since I last sat down and wrote for this blog. Sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago that I used to sit here daily and write. I have missed those days! Since then I have added another baby to our family, gone back to university, and so much has changed, so many new beginnings. I keep thinking longingly of sitting down to write again, then I get distracted by another paper that I need to submit for a class or a mess that needs to be cleaned up, or something else that pulls my short attention span away from this place that I have missed. Then January came and I decided, this is it. If ever there was a time to come back to this space it is now. I gave myself a little pep-talk about how this year would be busy but I would make time for this blog again.

So here I am, making time! Sitting with the lovely ladies from Writers Jam, away from my house, my responsibilities, and my Greek flashcards for an hour and a half. It almost feels as if no time has passed. It is a bit weird that it has been over a year!

I haven’t quite come up with a plan of what to write next in this space. I have been doing a lot of writing for school some of which has been a pleasure and some has been a bit of a drag, but I may adjust and share a few things here. For now, all I have is a beginning, it is nothing spectacular but it is better than nothing so I am embracing it.


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